Satta x Universal Works

It's easy to see where the crossover is between Joe Lauder's new age skate brand Satta and David Keyte's established UK label Universal Works, with both brands known for their playful takes on workwear and muted, earthy palettes. The eagerly anticipated PEACE.LOVE.SOUL collaboration collection has gone out to a very select number of dealers worldwide, and effortlessly demonstrates the fluid synthesis of Satta’s rootsy graphic language with Universal Works’ timeless style. Look out for the use of tactile 'rice' stitching and custom embroidery combining the names of Satta, Universal Works and Kinoko on the standout Uniform Shirt.

Click here to read our interview with Satta's Joe Lauder over on the Journal.

Satta X Universal Works P.L.S. Uniform Shirt

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Satta X Universal Works P.L.S. Embroidered Cap

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Satta X Universal Works P.L.S. Enamel Pin Badge

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