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Kinoko Store

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Background Reading With Levis

  What Levi's don't know about workwear staples being adopted as wardrobe essentials can probably be written on the back of the proverbial cigarette packet. In time for some serious Autumn layering, we've just received their Engineer Jackets in ...

Life’s Too Short – 15% Off Shorts This Month

Summer ain't over till your legs decide it is, and we reckon there's still bucket loads of shorts-wearing time left this year. From now until 31/8/15 we're taking 15% off every last pair of shorts we stock. We're talking ...


Interview with Snow Peak’s Lisa Yamai

  We were pretty excited the first time we saw photos of Snow Peak's debut clothing collection. Top quality production & fabrics with a very Japanese approach to the detailing. The collection blends old and new extremely well. Its ...

Snow-shoeing in British Columbia

  Living just a stone's-throw from some of the most photogenic landscapes the west coast of Canada has to offer, Stefan Feldmann (@stefanfyvr) definitely had a geographical advantage when it came to the #notabadplaceforabrew competition we ran on our ...