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Kinoko Covers: Favourite References From Print

Obsessive, niche, curious or esoteric: Kinoko is all about digging for left-field references. Beyond the classics of fiction there is a galaxy of out print or acutely specialist books out there, bound to inspire your senses and ...

At the Climbing Gym With Patagonia’s Duckbill Cap

After putting Patagonia's Duckbill Cap through it's paces at our local climbing gym, we're satisfied it can handle way more than just the trail-running sun & sweat protection duties it was originally designed for. The short peak means you can get really ...

Why We Love: Nari Furi Celspun Hatena Daypack

  Japan's Nari Furi make clothing and accessories with the kind of clever and practical features that are useful to commuters, errand runners and urban explorers alike. We've just received a small delivery of their Made-in-Japan ...

From the Backbone of England: Pennine Outdoorswear

Drawing inspiration from vintage and quintessentially British hiking and expedition gear, Pennine Outdoorswear are working with one of the best UK-based sock and knitwear manufacturers resulting in their beautifully finished Holme Moss Standard Socks.   Relative newcomers, Pennine Outdoorswear have taken their time to get ...